Body art essay

This guide will expose basic strategies to write body art essay.

Imagine that you are in a college writing class. You've been assigned a paper which has to be three to five pages in length on the topic of body art. You've never even considered the topic, you aren't even sure you know what the topic is! This scenario isn't all too uncommon. This article will help to alleviate some of the stress and confusion of where to start, what and how to research, and how to make sure you've created the best possible paper on even the most obscure topic.

Many times students are faced with creating a paper with a predefined number of resources. The Internet is a great place to look for content, but what and how you should begin your search could greatly affect how your paper turns out. Many papers need to be cited in either MLA, or APA writing styles. For this reason you need to be recording your sources of information and making sure they are reputable. In many instances Google's Scholarly search is the first place I go when looking for information. This method will search scholarly, published information which is written in professional journals, or papers given at conferences.

Another source should be online databases. Many colleges and universities allow their students access to many online databases such as InfoTrac and LexisNexis. These online databases allow a user to search content ranging from newspapers, to magazines, to scholarly articles and books. One advantage to online databases is that in many cases they will create the needed citation for when you put together your works cited or bibliography later on. The last place I will say to look is Wikipedia. Wikipedia itself is not a reputable source, anyone can edit the pages of this site and it is in no way guaranteed to be factual. However in many cases you can search a topic and find a page that has a large amount of quality information. Now if you look to the bottom of the page, there should be sources. Those are great to use for your paper.

To be brief, body art is an artistic style originating in the 1960s and 1970s from a combination of performance and conceptual art wherein the artist's body is used as decoration or canvas( The definition provided ovbiuosly pertains more closely with body painting because the act of tattooing has been part of cultures across the world for ages. Tattooing became more popular in the US in the 1940s and 1950s with an increased number of military men began getting tattoos. This popularity fueled a change of society's view of the tattoo. Since the 1950's popularity in tattooing has skyrocketed. According to Judith Grief from Rutger's University, more than sixty percent of the 18-22 year olds studied had gotten some tattoo or piercing while in college.

After we've found our sources the next thing to do is read through the content and highlight, or in some way pull out important information. After we've gone through all our sources and found the important information we want to use in our paper the next step is to outline the paper. Categorize your content and come up with between two and four main ideas depending upon the length the paper needs to be. After we form our outline we can begin the paper. Normally each bullet under a subtopic should get one to two sentences devoted to it if the outline is of significant detail. This should create paragraphs of length ranging from five to eight sentences each on average.

After you've written the paper, you need to create a works cited or bibliography page for all of the sources you've used in your paper. This is to show that you've properly cited your sources and to protect you from being accused of plagiarism. Once you've created your works cited page your paper is nearly complete! It is suggested you proof read your work to make sure it is of the quality and length you expect, but also it is good if you can find a peer to review your work to check if there are any errors you may have missed by oversight. Once your paper has been proof read and any corrections have been made you are ready to turn it in.