Argumentative Research Paper on Bisexuality

Bisexuality can be described as feelings of persons- men or women- who achieve their sexual or erotic attention to both sexes engaging in either sexual or sensual relationship with people of either sex. However, a person having bisexual feelings may not be attracted to both sexes, at one time, and the level of attraction also varies during different periods. Although insignificant research have been conducted on bisexual people and specifically on how they live, but studies have shown that bisexuals are not such types of people whose orientation is entirely homosexual rather they have also heterosexual sex on their side. (Burleson, 2005)

It is pertinent to mention that some people develop a feeling that they are born homosexual, heterosexual or bisexual, while others have a feeling that their fundamental sexual orientation is because of socialization or conscious choice. Due to social, cultural, and biological factors influencing every person, sexuality of each and every person is on a higher side whether he/she is lesbian, gay, asexual, or heterosexual. It can therefore be asserted that bisexuals are persons sexually attracted to others- irrespective of gender- during any period of their lives.

Thesis Statement: bisexuals are persons attracted to both sexes and have the right to live their own way of life as normal people.

Distinctive Feelings in Bisexuality

Human beings are considered as diverse and distinctive with their sexual feelings and attitudes dynamic in nature. As people are normally socialized as heterosexuals, the feelings of bisexuality are a specific stage in which persons develop feelings being integral part of the process of accepting their homosexuality. It is widely believed that people develop as well as experience feelings of bisexuality in several ways starting as a type of experimentation that creates excitement and attraction to their sexual lives. While some people think of it as a carefully selected lifestyle to which they participate what they feel best at that particular moment.

Interests, activities, opinion, and beliefs of every person exhibits lifestyles of people representing the way people spend their time and what their views are on social, political, and economic issues. Lifestyles of people impact their way of thinking and the choice of people with whom they interact socially. It is, in fact, a pattern of living that is shown in routine affairs involving hobbies, shopping, social issues, fashion, family, recreation etc. (Ochs, 2005)

Studies have shown that bisexuals lead a life in which they sometimes suffer from social isolation and their lifestyle is affected. They lack any specific community accepting them, even lesbian and gay communities have their pattern of life and socially accepted communities. This is because today, cultural forces generally acknowledge a person as homosexual or heterosexual and bisexuals do not fit in either category. However, besides their bisexual feelings, they generally strive to live a normal life with similar lifestyles of a heterosexual, gay, or lesbian. Bisexuality raises the issue regarding validity of sexual categories and encourages acceptance of the diversified range of sexuality. Bisexual people believe and focus on initiating and developing a relationship with both man and a woman.

Societal Forces Shaping Lives of Bisexuals

The social and cultural forces have reshaped the societal norms and volume of people living separately or single parents is increasing. The main argument behind concept of bisexuality is that homosexuality or heterosexuality is not related to sex rather it is just a sexual falsification. Proponents of bisexuality argue that it is, in fact, multidimensional and more about love or affection that sex. The relationships between bisexuals are primarily based on mutual love and affection. It is pertinent to mention that accepting bisexuality is, in fact, giving access to institutional rights, support and belief. Efforts to disallow them is a denial to their fundamental human rights and benefits and, therefore, challenge the civil liberties eventually placing them on high risk.

Proponents of bisexuality have widely criticized that denying or disallowing bisexuals is, in fact, denying human rights. It is, however, mentionable that the term 'human rights', is flexible in nature. Similarly, the concept of freedom is also flexible and as such term 'human right' can be described as some capability, resource, or lifestyle that every person in the society deserves due to a human being. The concept of bisexuality is more about equality than human rights. Unequal treatment effects happiness and pleasure in lives. Therefore, non-acceptance of bisexuality affects their normal lifestyle and creates a feeling of inequality when they are denied to live together, choose anyone of any gender, and live a normal life.

At times the values shown by bisexuals in their ordinary life are different and distinctive than others. Studies have shown that they are more loyal to their mates and devoted partners. They exhibit more respect towards community, equality, and tolerance. Their participation in family life is almost similar to the heterosexual or heterosexual couples. Most of them are more committed towards society, volunteering in charities, serving in different school broads and a good, better and law-abiding citizen. Therefore, their lifestyle, interests, opinions, and beliefs, at times, are more sophisticated and refined. It is also believed that bisexuality is more about love than sex as shown in their lives. Sex is just an expression of love which is same for heterosexuals or homosexuals. Advocates of bisexuals are of the opinion that a bisexual person reveals the true identity of a person. (Klein, 1993)

Fundamental Rights to Lead a Normal Life

The theme of not denying people their fundamental rights and rejecting the way they live unless there is a genuine and concrete reason for doing it is the basis of American ideal of human rights. Bisexuals, like other people have the right to raise or adopt children. Several scientific studies have shown that children raised by the bisexuals are as good as those of heterosexual couples. A bisexual is capable of loving children as anyone else is. Moreover, giving a civil right to bisexuals means that they have the liberty to choose anyone they like, live life what they feel best and not compelled to choose one who is least attracted to them. (Hutchins, 1994)

Similar to other people, bisexuals also require same level of safety. They need same care, love, and affection. They have an equal right to be protected and respected. It is pertinent to mention that young adults are more inclined towards bisexuality compared with elderly who are, at times, against it. The idea of bisexuality is spreading swiftly and gaining more acceptability with the passage of time. Bisexuals have the equal right of dignity and respect as they deserve same treatment. Denial of their rights and non-acknowledgment of their lifestyles as normal, in fact, means, refuting a significant part of the society members their fundamental human rights to choose a person they love. Denying bisexuality means deprival of many social and emotional rights. (Weinberg, 1995)

Freedom of speech and religion is provided in the First Amendment in the Constitution, therefore, bisexuals have the right to choose their lifestyles as per their own choice, and they cannot be denied of their rights of freedom. The right of freedoms of religion and speech protects the right of clergy. Accepting bisexuality result in abolishing discrimination and also allowing them to develop their own interests and beliefs, choose whatever they want and live how they want to live. The Constitution of Untied States does not allow states to promote discrimination and ban equality.

The confusion and vagueness about bisexuality is often based upon contrasts between basic features of gender, race and homosexuality. It is pertinent to mention that gender and race cannot be chosen and as such it is not fair to make discrimination on their basis. Research in this regard reveals that homosexuality or bisexuality is also an acceptable behavior allowing choice to select anyone; therefore, it should not be treated with bias and unfairness. It is widely believed that effective solutions for resolving issues involved in allowing bisexuals living their life according to their own choice and giving them equal rights should be offered by government and accepted by everyone in the society.


The paper has strived to discuss bisexuality as a way of life. Bisexuality is a way of life in which people, like others, have diversified, distinctive, and varied relationships. It is not necessary for a bisexual person to be involved sexually with both genders at one time. Rather, they are involved in sexual activity with any one or either gender. In other words, attraction does not involve acting on any person's desire. A bisexual chose a life in which they become active with anyone having long-term and perpetual relationships. Some of the bisexuals have relationships with partners of same sex and have open marriages. Some of them are engaged in three-way relationships. It should be noted that everyone in the society has the right to lead the life as per his/her choice and have relationship with anyone they chose. On the basis of arguments presented in the paper, it is concluded that bisexuals are just normal people as anyone else in the society and have the right to live their own way of normal life like others.


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