Short Story Essay on Doppelganger

A doppelganger may be described as an identical replica of a person. Scholars are of the view that everybody has a doppelganger or a replica somewhere in the world. It is, in fact, a person's hidden twin. The word 'Doppel' is derived from German language meaning double and 'ganger' means 'walker'. It is, however, pertinent to mention that different cultures possesses varying ideas about doppelganger as in some cultures it is regarded as harbingers of destruction which have the ability to replace a person.

Existing literature shows that doppelgangers are mostly invisible to people except close family members or friends are able to view them. Doppelgangers often have neither shadow nor any reflection in a mirror. One of the most significant features of doppelgangers is their perpetual ability to dissemble and evade. There are cases reported signifying doppelgangers being seen as own double or the persons are haunted by images of their counterpart. In other cases doppelgangers are seen not only by the person himself/herself but also by relatives or persons. In some cultures, doppelgangers are the symbols of death.

My Encounter with Doppelganger

Since childhood I have developed a feeling that there exist an exact double of me. I have encountered, at times, with my replica or doppelganger. Some of my family members and friends have also witnessed my being at two places at same time. In other words, I have encountered vision of myself and this particular phenomenon of my doppelganger has also been witnessed by my family and friends. Therefore, I firmly believe on doppelgangers and the basis of my belief is being presented in the paper. During my childhood I was sitting in a classroom I saw my exact replica appearing besides me. I was having difficulty on understanding lesson being delivered at that time by my teacher. My exact being seemed to be more confident in understanding the lesson being given. I was motivated enough to derive confidence from my doppelganger and concentrating more on the lesson I was able to understand lesson. A similar event occurred after some years during dinner when I saw my doppelganger standing besides me and imitating my movements.

Since then I have experienced the existence of my doppelganger, however, it did not always repeat my movements. An interesting event, a couple of years, ago involved my family members. At that time I was watching television with my family. My mother asked me to accompany her to a superstore. My brother was in his room doing homework. He was unaware of my leaving home and going out with mother. When we returned home, he opened the door and almost fainted on seeing me. He told that while doing homework he was not aware of myself going out and thought I was in the room watching television. On opening front door, he passed TV lounge where I was watching television. However, on opening door, I was also standing with my mother. I now believe that it was my strong wish, to remain at home and watch television rather going to superstore, on which my doppelganger acted.

The main element in this case is seeing the doppelganger as it is continuously appearing at times during my life. It is, without any doubt, above visual fascination. The incidents of my doppelganger signify challenging the location of my self in a singular body. At times, doppelganger has proved useful for me. It is, in fact, more positive side of my being. Whenever I feel lust for greed or unethical act, through doppelganger, I have explored the darker side in me and negate such feelings. The doppelganger is not an imaginative figure for me rather it is a soul or reflection that actually exists. It is my second self and makes me feel as myself and the other at one and the same time.

My doppelganger, at most of the time, arises out of tension between unity and separation. Once again, the doppelganger appeared before my friends when we were spending time at my apartment. Bob, one of my friends, was sitting in my bedroom reading a novel while Tina, another friend was in the kitchen preparing tea for us. I was in the living room chatting with another friend when both Bob and Tina walked in the room and were surprised to see me there. Bob told that I was sitting with him in the bedroom while Tina also had the similar experience that I was in the Kitchen with her.

The double motif, in its broadest sense, plays a primary role in my life and have always been concerned with exploring the inter-connectivity between 'I' and the 'non-I' of my self. I have always pursued to rediscover the unity of self. My doppelganger is not a stranger or a foreigner to me. It has always remained with me giving hope and confidence in life. It is not a social deviant; however, at times it has been a probable disturbance to the known and familiar. Although, doppelganger has been defined as replica of a person, the incidents in my life show that my doppelganger is not a pure copy or a shadow, it is rather the opposite side of me. It is pertinent to mention that a doppelganger cannot become anything it is but only a deviation of what it is.

At times I share feelings with my doppelganger; however, more importantly it is possible that my perspective seems to shift between myself and the doppelganger to that point that there is a significant increase in the personalization of doppelganger. Entire incidents in my life involving doppelgangers are of me seeing exact double, however, with different personalities at times and I am continuously being haunted by my doppelganger. It is not a shadow or a reflection in the water or mirror for me. My doppelganger provides advice to me; however, it could be deceptive or misleading.

The Doppelganger, at the same time, is liberal and exorbitant as well as a vivid agent. Divided between 'I' and 'non-I' it creates scenarios that could have tragic potential. It is, however, pertinent to mention that doppelganger has always appeared as an 'unwanted guest' in my life. He seems to be a personality out of place. It reveals the interaction of fantasy and real world. Therefore, doppelganger serves as a complicated conflict existing between pragmatism and fantasy.

Sometimes, when I come home my family is embarrassed and confused as they already saw me entering the front door, a person looking just like me and greeting everyone. As far as my family is concerned the other person coming to home was me. So everybody goes to my bedroom for checking if that person is still there, however, he could not be found. He is my doppelganger. I have become aware that my doppelganger is interacting with my family and friends in my absence. I am convinced that the doppelganger is just a reflection of me and a blend of fantasy and realism.

Another incident took place when I was preparing for the exams and finding it difficult to grasp the ideas. Suddenly I saw my double sitting next to me on a chair also reading same book advising me to concentrate more, comforting and reassuring me. I followed his advice and was successful in understanding the concepts given in the book. Such types of incidents have assured me that doppelganger, being my double, is an alternative version of myself, however, with slight different personality. It is viewed by me as a complement, or in other words, is my description having different features that make my personality more appealing. It has all the qualities that I wish and lacked by me.